Unless you’re a frequent baker of cakes for bachelorette parties, penis-shaped cake pans are usually a one-time use type of purchase, relegated to the back of the cabinet where they fester in shame. But wait—it’s time for the penis pan to get a second lease on life!

The team behind Bachelorette.com is on a mission to show the world just how versatile a dong-shaped cake pan really is. Apparently a lot of things, like alligators and Christmas trees, are just big penises in disguise—ergo, you can use these cheeky pans to make all sorts of kid-friendly cakes.

There’s no denying that these creations are incredibly creative, although they’re still pretty disturbing, especially as a celebratory treat for a young child’s birthday. If you want to make your own, though, find directions for the cakes here.

Click through the gallery for the most innocent cakes to ever come out of a penis-shaped cake pan. 

[via Penis Pans]