Bon Appetit’s resident restaurant guru Andrew Knowlton released his 2013 “Hot 10″ list this morning, which ranks the 10 best new restaurants the editor dined at over the course of this year. His intro harps on the fact that today’s dining scene is spearheaded by a band of young chefs—33 is the average age of the chefs featured. The list is incredibly well thought out, includes a diverse selection, and makes us consider boarding a plane immediately to restaurant hop around the country.

This is the issue I’m most proud of. I’ve traveled more, eaten more, spent more, and endured more sleepless nights deciding whom to include than any year prior. I think you’ll be able to see (or is it taste?) the passion for all things food that went into this issue.—Andrew Knowlton

The critic reveals that he used the alias Terje “Teddy” Skogly when making reservations, in order to preserve his anonymity. “I don’t know how many times I said ‘Teddy, like the bear, S-K-O-G-L-Y’ when making a reservation. But it worked.” Not to be cynical, but we’re sure that at eight out of ten of these places, Knowlton was spotted as soon as he walked through the door. Doesn’t mean Knowlton’s opinion—and writing—doesn’t rock. What’s more, the list features awesome video profiles of each of the 10 spots, where the chefs get to explain their philosophy and what makes their restaurant so spectacular. Click on the links below to view each video.

Here’s Knowlton’s Hot 10 list, which features everything from a Scandinavian-by-way-of-Brooklyn spot to a Windy City Macanese joint.

10: Aska
Brooklyn, NY

9: The Whale Wins & Joule
Seattle, WA

8: Jeffrey’s & Josephine House
Austin, TX

7: The Optimist
Atlanta, GA

6: The Pass & Provisions
Houston, TX

5: Ava Gene’s
Portland, OR

4: Fat Rice
Chicago, IL

3: Rolf & Daughters
Nashville, Tennessee

2: Saison
San Francisco, CA

1: Alma
Los Angeles, CA

[via Bon Appetit]