Texas-based soda brand, Big Red, has teamed up with Austin-based comedy crew Beef & Sage for a spoof ad spot promoting Big Red BBQ bottles, which are full of actual brisket (or, in the case of “zero calorie” variety, chicken). The BBQ bottles are surreal, mildly disturbing, and definitely not real, but when you consider the wide world of meat-inspired soda flavors out there, maybe their not so far-fetched after all

Oddball soda king Lester’s Fixins has been in this business for years alongside his wife, Melba. The two have created a laundry list of novelty soda varieties that taste as disgusting as they sound: Apple Pie Soda and Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda, as well as meaty flavors like Bacon Soda and Buffalo Wing Soda. Yes, bacon soda. So if you’re looking for a spoof gift—or something to tie you over until BBQ bottles become a reality—pick up some of Lester’s meat-flavored sodas via Baconfreak.com.

[via AdWeek]