Alex Atala—the celebrated, heavily tattooed Brazilian chef behind the restaurant D.O.M.—has always been outspoken regarding his beliefs in relation to food. At this year’s MAD3 symposium in Copenhagen, entitled “Guts”, Atala shocked viewers by killing a chicken on stage, making them face the death that inevitably must occur in order for us to eat meat.

On the subject of death and cooking, the MAD website states: “We would like the audience to consider its myriad of meanings—literal and metaphorical—as well as its implications for both our professions and our lives.” Atala did just that, choosing to give his presentation on the connection between death and food. The “Death Happens” event featured the chef, alone on stage, wringing the chicken’s neck in silence. The surprising finale has earned Atala plenty of viral video traffic.

Atala is set to co-host next year’s MAD symposium with René Redzepi, its founder.

[via Eater]