Celebrity has inundated the food world in so many ways, from the rock star-ification of the chef to the rise of the Hollywood restaurant investor. But perhaps the most consistently upsetting part of this paradigm shift is the ascent of the celebrity foodie—the person who, not content with just being famous for whatever the hell he or she does to be famous, decides to swan about food festivals, show up at buzzy openings, put out a cookbook, or attempt to tell America how to eat.

We won’t front like we’re not interested in what famous people eat. Hell, we’ve pillaged rap music for food-related lyrics with gusto on many occasions, analyzed Jay Z and Beyonce’s restaurant choices with stalker-like obsessiveness, and celebrated supermodel Chrissy Teigen’s ramen adventures. But give celebrities an inch of newsprint, and they’ll try to get the whole damn cover story. And when famous folks begin fighting for popularity and market share in the food world, things get ugly fast.

So who’s the absolute worst? No prizes for guessing who’s number one, but sadly, Ms. Goop’s got plenty of company.