On the list of extremely difficult things to do in life, arguing that New York City doesn’t have one of the world’s greatest food scenes ranks pretty high. The city’s restaurants range from the authentically ethnic, to the innovative, to the “holy shit that’s really, really good.” Unsurprisingly, the street food scene—including trucks, stands, and carts—boast the same diversity and high quality standards.

Zagat took a break from rating basically every restaurant in the city to put together a stunning, minute-long montage of 50 great New York City street eats. From quintessential classics like the soft pretzel and the hot dog, to more profound eats like overstuffed lobster rolls, Belgian waffle ice cream sandwiches, and serious tacos, this video is sixty seconds of pure deliciousness.

Click on the video above to see some of New York’s best street dining options. 

[via Zagat]