An innocent woman named Lindsey (or liiindseyyy to her Twitter followers) was shopping at her local Safeway at around 3pm last night when she discovered the abomination pictured above: a chicken foot! In a package of chicken breasts! In a supermarket!

We’ll give Lindsey the benefit of the doubt and assume she was joking when she told the official Safeway account that she demanded “free ice cream for life or I call the police and tell them it’s a human hand,” but she seemed pretty damn serious when she claimed she was “vomiting” over the sight of a slightly different part of a chicken than the one she presumably intended to purchase.

To which we say: it is 2013, and we’re all adults. It’s time we acknowledge that chicken feet are a perfectly edible, tasty part of a chicken, and just because they look slightly weird and aren’t traditionally eaten in the U.S. outside the local dim sum joint doesn’t mean we should freak out whenever we see one. Sorry to break it to you, Lindsey, those beigeish-pink blobs wrapped tightly in cellophane at the grocery store actually came from a real live chicken. And, girl, there’s bigger issues at hand when it comes to poultry—see Food Inc. and similar documentaries.

[via Gawker]