A lesson to future generations of teenage girls: When you treat a cherubic preteen boy like he’s the hottest thing since late ’90s-era Leo DiCaprio, he’ll grow up to be an asshole. Specifically, the kind of asshole who drunkenly pees into a mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen before screaming “FUCK BILL CLINTON” while spraying a portrait of the former president with cleaning solution.

Such is the takeaway from Justin Bieber’s latest drunken escapade, which went down sometime earlier this year in an unidentified New York restaurant next to an unidentified New York night club. This being 2013, the whole 30-second travesty was captured on someone’s iPhone and subsequently leaked to TMZ. Highlights: Bieber’s unseen friend pronouncing “We swagger, man” while the camera lingers on the singer’s backside at 0:15; same friend proclaiming Bieber will “forever remember” this with admiration/awe at 0:21 (he probably will now); and of course, Bieber raging at Bill Clinton at 0:40.

Ten million Internet points to whoever figures out which restaurant Bieber vandalized, which apparently has a picture of Clinton hanging in its kitchen.

[via Gawker]