The Cronut Craze hit a new peak this weekend with none other than TMZ going deep into Dominique Anserl’s pastry¬†phenomenon¬† The celeb-gossip outlet’s investigative journalism team swooped in on Keri Hilson as she smuggled six Cronuts through the streets of New York (she admits she had other people wait in line for them).

While TMZ isn’t your usual stop for a quick history of relevant New York bakery items, this video is surprisingly one of the better clips explaining the roots of this buzz-worthy croissant-donut hybrid. Obviously, not everyone is Keri Hilson and has three dedicated die-hards standing in line for them, so luckily for the rest of you, Craigslist comes in the clutch offering a deep catalogue of counterfeit, resold, bootleg Cronuts.

Watch TMZ’s Cronut run-down below: