The Johnsonville Brattender, a hero amongst local grillers, has created a passionate, masterful ode to the art of sausage grilling. Sara Schmidt, an account supervisor on behalf of the Johnsonville grilling team, says, “No one is more committed to the grilling of juicy, flavor-explosive meats, so he’s letting everyone know that piercing the brat allows the juice to run out, leaving the brat dry.” This man is so invested in the perfection of your brat that he went beyond the call of duty and crafted this classy, beach-side ballad to preach the goodness of pork in sausage form. The only man to ever match this kind of greatness in the food ballad genre is undoubtedly the Hoff.

The Johnsonville Brattender isn’t just in it for fame and fortune; no, he’s a man of the people. From now until August 30th, he welcomes his fans to submit their own videos to the Johnsonville Facebook page in a once in a lifetime opportunity to win $5,000 and a one-year unlimited supply of Johnsonville brats. The winner will be announced on September 9th.

So get to writing, you pork-loving lyricist, because that 5k is just waiting for you to claim it.