Recently, we learned that David Chang is featured on a track from Deltron 3030’s new album, causing us to wonder if chefs are on the brink of entering the rap game. Well, here’s the next step in the progression: Roy Choi, the inimitable chef-owner of L.A.’s Kogi BBQ truck, makes a cameo in the latest video from sometime-First We Feast contributor/on-the-come-up rapper Rekstizzy.

It’s a fun summertime jam, and the video also features some booty, some frozen treats, and some break-dancing for good measure. In case you were wondering if Roy Choi looks mad cool pushing the whip around Los Angeles, wonder no more.

Here’s the description from Rekstizzy:

Rekstizzy travels to sunny California for his third single “One┬áTrack┬áMind” to capture that good Summer vibe; hanging by the pool, sippin’ 40s, and eating good. But it’s not all fun and games as the lyrics capture a play-hard-work-hard mentality by the second verse, best shown through cameos provided by some of the hardest working individuals in Los Angeles (rapper Dumbfoundead, chef Roy Choi of Kogi BBQ, and writer David Cho of Grantland). The beat is produced by Woodro Skillson and features Ann One on the hook. This is the final single before the album Whatever You Say officially drops on August 13th.