The ramen scene in Japan is both fascinating and exotic when compared with the tame ramen variations us Americans are used to. But ultimately, it is amazing, and makes us lust for the country’s delicious sounding noodle-broth combinations.

VICE goes inside the wonderful world of Tokyo ramen in its latest Munchies episode, profiling American-born ramen fanatic Keizo Shimamoto, who is the head chef at renowned ramen joint Bassanova in Shindaita Station. The Munchies crew follows Keizo and two ramen obsessed friends as they go on an eating and drinking parade through the neighborhood. Episode highlights include when Keizo and co. hit up a bizarre Eurasian restaurant owned by an eccentric Japanese man named Pepe Andre who says, “My concept is a bit bluesy. Not pop. Blues. It’s not really rap either. It’s blues,” and when Keizo-san makes late night “ramen burgers” by replacing the bun with ramen and the patty for barbecued pork. Genius.

[via VICE]