Jonathan McGowan is passionate about his roadkill. The English “forager” and cook has been subsisting off roadkill—everything from foxes to rats—for the past 30 years, according to this video from Huffington Post.

McGowan prepares spaghetti Bolognese using fox because he “loves eating foxes” and thinks fox meat is “actually most delicious, especially young fox cubs.” Apparently, foxes which have been run over by cars litter the roads in Britain—foxes that would otherwise be wasted, if they weren’t considered delicacies by roadkill enthusiasts like McGowan. Although, McGowan warns, “Sometimes they can be smelly.”

The roadkill gourmand doesn’t stop at fox Bolognese—he also eats rat and toad stir-fry. Jonathan says that people need to realize that it’s only the Western world that has this “bizarre taboo” about eating certain types of animals other than what they consider normal conventional types. He references Southeast Asia as a place that cooks, eats, and appreciates unconventional animals.

McGowan says that there is currently a waitlist of people who want to feast with and learn from him. Why the sudden interest? According to McGowan, the general population is becoming excited by the idea of foraging and wants to experience something new, so they flock to him for recipes and advice.

[via Huffington Post]