Deltron 3030—the futuristic, alt hip-hop supergroup consisting of Del The Funky Homosapien, Dan The Automater, and Kid Koala—have been taking their time with their sophomore album, Event II. Their self-titled debut—a cult classic—dropped more than a decade ago in 2000.

But it looks like the wait is finally over. Spin just released the album’s bulky track list and it’s packed with some eye-raising names: Jason Gordon-Levitt, Jamie Cullum, and—most notably for food nerds—Momofuku boss David Chang. Fittingly, he’s featured on a track called “The Future of Food”—might it be a spoken word piece about what’s really going down in the Momofuku fermentation lab?! For fans of food rap, this is as suspenseful as the trailer for Magna Carta Holy Grail—and hopefully it’ll all end with a “performance art” piece by Del at Má Pêche, featuring a presentation of blueprints for Momofuku 3030.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time Chang and Deltron have linked up. Back in 2012, Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery hooked up with the trio to release a beer-and-vinyl box set called Positive Contact. As the LA Times reported, “[the] limited-run collaboration [paired] a 10-inch white vinyl of Nakamura’s Deltron 3030 music project with six 750-ml bottles of an ale brewed with Fuji apples, cayenne peppers and cilantro.” The vinyl sleeves were printed with pairing recipes, one of which was created by Chang.

We’re look forward to seeing a toe-to-toe battle between Chang and Action Bronson for best chef in the rap game. Referee: Raekwon the Chef, of course.

Event II’s out October 1st via Bulk Recordings. Check out the newest offering off the project, Stardate (Feat. Jason Gordon-Levitt), below. And click through the gallery above to see other chef-rapper collabos we’d like to see.