It is a truth universally acknowledged—and bemoaned by many, many food writers—that restaurant websites suck. Unnecessary flash animations; the mysterious absense of vital pieces of information like, say, the menu (f**k your PDF!); and terrible formatting are the most common missteps. But that might be changing as restaurants ditch traditional websites in favor of Tumblr, the minimalist, easy-to-use platform beloved by teenage girls and social justice bloggers. Jokes aside, Tumblr is as versatile a medium as it is simple, and many restaurants have made use of the platform to create more fluid, functional, and beautiful landing pages for their brand. We’re huge fans of this trend and sincerely hope that within a year, menu donwloads and streaming muzak will be a thing of the past. Click through for the most interesting, engaging, and all-around best restaurant Tumblrs out there.