September (and cooler weather, thankfully) is on the horizon, and so are the annual NYC Vendy Awards. Coming into it’s ninth year, the awards—which are, essentially, the Emmys of the food world—celebrate the amazing and delicious street food culture of New York. While the nominees for the top prize, the Vendy Cup, haven’t been announced just yet, a respectable list of nominees in four out of seven main categories has been released. This elite group of vendors will gather in Industry City in Brooklyn, where they will cook head-to-head for a panel of experts—a more literal hunger games, if you will.

Below are the nominees and who we think should win.

Rookie of the Year Nominees
The award for newcomers.
• Mamak
• Mysttik Masaala 
• Neapolitan Express
• Sweet Chili
• Toum** Our pick: This family-owned truck serves up incredible vegetarian options and perhaps the best falafel in the city. 

Best Market Vendor Nominees
This one goes to the top truck that turns up at outdoor events like markets and street fairs, and places an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients.
• Bon Chovie
• Brooklyn Cured
• Lonestar Taco
• Khao Man Gai NY** Our pick: Khao Man Gai translates to Hainanese chicken and rice, a.k.a the best thing you will probably eat this year.
• Porchetta

Best Desserts Nominees
Next year, we may see the rise of the cronut truck, who knows. But for now it’s this select group.
• Del’s NYC
 Carpe Donut NYC
• Itizy
• Liddabit Sweets
• OddFellows Ice Cream Co.**Our pick: Because, ice cream. Also, Sam Mason is a flavor mad scientist, and has thought up ice cream flavors like Manchego Pineapple and Sesame Kumquat Pumpernickel.
• Popitbaby
• Cholita Cuencana

Best of New Jersey Nominees
Returning from a year’s hiatus, this honor is back with five finalists from the Garden State.
• The French Quarter
• Hunger Construction
• Molly’s Milk Truck
• Home by the Range
• Tony Boloney’s Moustache Mobile **Our pick: We haven’t been to most of these, but this NJ truck should win judging by name alone. Bonus points for Tony Boloney’s semi-NSFW Erotic Menu, complete with schlong-shaped pizzas.

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[via Grubstreet]