“Eat a Big Mac in a Wendy’s. Bring a Dairy Queen milkshake and fries into a Subway and pair it with a meatball sub. Welcome to Supperjumpin’,┬áthe very saddest sport that has ever existed,” writes Supperjumpin’ inventor Jon Bois. The Supperjumpin’ creator, a sportswriter at SBNation, invented this fantastically ridiculous sport just two days ago. Here’s the premise, according to Bois:

First, you order an item at Restaurant A. Then, you take it with you and eat it at Restaurant B. These are some examples of valid Supperjumps:

– Ordering a Big Mac at McDonald’s and eating it in the dining room of an Arby’s (difficulty: easy)

– Going to Burger King, ordering a Whopper to go, bringing it to an Outback Steakhouse, and pairing it with a Bloomin’ Onion (difficulty: medium)

– Ordering a Frosty at a Wendy’s in Woodstock, New York, driving hundreds of miles, and eating it in a Wendy’s in Woodstock, Georgia (difficulty: expert)

In the video above, Bios attempts the International Supperjump, which entails ordering poutine at the Burger King in the Montreal airport, and flying it back to Kentucky and eating the smothered fries in the Burger King in Louisville. If you don’t have any plans this weekend, we suggest you buy a flight India, and bring back a McAloo Tikki burger, and eat it at the McDonald’s in your hometown. Then send us a video, and we will post it immediately. We’re serious.

[via SBNation]