Our friends at Food52 have broken you off in the past with some delicious frozen treats to make at home. But summer is also a time of intense laziness, and sometimes making sorbet isn’t in the cards. Thankfully, there are some even easier ways to whip something cold and delicious.

On his personal blog, chef Andrew Carmellini offers a recipe for a pineapple-ginger ice that simple requires a pineapple, ginger beer, sugar, a blender, and a freezer.

Flavored ices have been a staple of New York City summers for centuries, but Carmellini points out that Hawaii has a rich history of “icy deliciousness”—represented most notably by Motsumoto Shave Ice, a family-run grocery store on Oahu’s North Shore that features one of the island’s oldest “shave ice” machines. Inspired by the tropical flavors of Motsumoto, Carmellini concocts a recipe for an icy treat that’s perfect for hot days but requires almost no effort.

His Pineapple-Ginger Ice recipe reminded us of the genius of the The Kitchn’s one-ingredient banana ice cream recipe—basically, you blend up bananas and freeze them. That’s all.

Got any other no-effort summer recipes? Let us know. In the meantime, we’ll be freezing some bananas.