Last year, in a campaign to reinvent its outdated image, Wendy’s introduced a brand new logo. The iconic Wendy character got brighter red hair highlights, some touched up vibrant freckles, and a new wardrobe—plus, as it now turns out, a super-secret subliminal message. Take a look through the gallery above to get a clearer look at the hidden text—clearly, Wendy’s mom is trying to steal the spotlight by printing her name on the collar of her daughter’s dress.

A spokesperson from Wendy’s released a statement saying that they are aware of the “mom” graphic, but claim that it is completely unintentional. Yeah, whatever Wendy’s. We know you’d like to corner the mom market and you’d like to corner it now.

We’re 99.5% positive that this shady scheme has something to do with the Illuminati, but we’re not totally sure how. We’ll keep you posted.

Check out the gallery above and see for yourself whether Wendy’s “mom” collar is intentional or just one big coincidence.