Working in the Complex offices means that we see a lot of interesting characters come through our halls—just this past week, Dikembe Mutomborandomly strolled by, and we’ve definitely seen Amanda Bynes lurking in the shadows around the building (though she would never admit it). This week, rapper Scotty ATL (@ScottyATL)—who just premiered his latest video, “Game,” on ComplexTV—stopped by and we chatted him up about eating in his hometown of Atlanta.

Hey, Scotty ATL. What are your favorite places to eat in Atlanta?

There’s only one spot, Mr. Everything. It’s right by Busy Bee’s, and UC West End. That’s my favorite spot. You gotta get the chicken and rice. That’s, like, classic. It’s got cheese, it’s got broccoli on it—it’s good.

Other than that, I like Arizona’s. They got one at Stonecrest. It’s real good. They got Scottsdale chicken [hickory-grilled boneless skin on breast topped with applewood bacon, Sonoma jack, and Wisconsin cheddar], some good ribs, some good shrimp and grits—[the shrimp and grits] isn’t on the menu, but if you ask for it they’ll cook it for you.

You can get some good food at the strip club. I wouldn’t recommend eating and tipping at the same time.

I mean, this is probably a little weird, but you can also get some good food at the strip club. I wouldn’t recommend eating and tipping at the same time, you know, it’s a little nasty. But Magic City is good, Kamal’s 21 is good—we just go in there and eat something. Yo, they got some good food in there though.

Have you had the Ghetto Burger? There’s this lady down there…

Mrs. Ann.

What’s up with her? 

It’s good. It’s huge, though. I wish I could show you how big the burger is, but it’s crazy.

Isn’t she kind of a character? I’ve heard she’ll only serve certain people… 

Yeah, you can’t use your cell phone in there. Like seriously, she’ll kick you out if you use your cell phone. You can’t text. And there’s only a certain amount of people that can be in the restaurant at the same time.

Doesn’t she have weird hours too? 

Well, I don’t think she’s open on Sundays, but you know, she open up when she wants to open up and she close when she wants to close.

And if the restaurant is full, there’s maybe enough for like six or seven seats. If it’s full, you gotta wait outside until someone else is done. Straight up, no lie.

But she’s an older lady. She might be like 70 or 80 years old, and she’s owned this little restaurant for, I don’t know how many years. The state was trying to buy it from her and she wouldn’t sell it. But they were trying to give her some crazy amount of money.