It happened to IHOP way back in 2012, and now it’s happening to the Haight-Ashbury’s Bacon Bacon: 1) Restaurant offers mass amounts of delicious fatty breakfast food to the public; 2) neighbors take issue with delicious smell of said delicious fatty breakfast food; 3) chaos ensues. But where IHOP had a cool $42,000 to drop on extra ventilation for their 14th Street outpost in NYC, Bacon Bacon’s fate will likely be decided at a permit hearing scheduled for Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The trouble began when bacon enthusiast Jim Angelus opened the shop in January of 2012 and locals like David and Inge Nevins found their peace disturbed by the stench of maple syrup “bacon bouquets” and other Bacon Bacon offerings. Attorney Whitney Gilkey, who represents another neighbor who remains anonymous out of fear of retaliation from the bacon-loving hordes who’ve since come to the restaurant’s defense, then asked the city to take a closer look at Angelus’s petition for a building inspection permit—holding up the application process and subsequently shuttering the restaurant in May.

In the Nevins’s defense, the “very, very stinky” (Inge’s words) odor isn’t “the bacon smell that people like,” but rather the stench of byproducts like rendered lard, which the WSJ likens to “paint or wet cardboard.” But the Nevins’s complaint pales in comparison to the whopping 3,000 signatures Angelus has collected in Bacon Bacon’s support, including die-hard devotees like Nick Barnes, who has the restaurant’s logo tattooed on his arm. It’s no wonder the Nevins feel “outnumbered.”

[via WSJ]