Among food nerds, the identity of the person behind Ruth Bourdain—the parody Twitter account that brilliantly mashes up the poetic language of Ruth Reichl with the bawdy humor of Anthony Bourdain—has been a source of constant fascination since the tweets began three years ago. Many hypotheses have emerged over the years—popular candidates included ex-Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema and Time columnist Josh Ozersky—but they were always denied, and no one could dig up conclusive evidence.

Well, wonder no longer—in a major scoop for the New York Times, Julia Moskin has revealed that the man behind the scenes is Josh Friedland, a freelance writer from New Jersey and producer of the Food Section. Apparently, he brought the “exclusive reveal” to the Times of his own accord, along with the note, “It’s going to be you or asylum in Venezuela.”

It’s worth noting that Eater co-founder Ben Leventhal is the only person we know of who pointed to Friedland, all the way back in 2011.

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