Taking photos of politicians is a time-honored tradition, almost as old as photography itself. From a vintage photo of Fidel Castro eating Chinese food, to snaps of Dwight D. Eisenhower eating a hotdog just a bit too big for his mouth and photographic evidence of Joe Biden’s tendency to aggressively bite at his ice cream, the way our elected officials eat can tell us a lot about who they are as people and what they stand for as politicians. Well, sorta—if anything, politicians eating make for hilarious photo-ops that help us both humanize and ridicule those we vote for (and against).

So perhaps unsurprisingly, the Internet has created quite the niche of Tumblrs featuring politicians eating food. There’s Obama Eating Burgers, Barack Obama Eating ThingsJoe Biden Eats Ice Cream, Chris Christie Eats, Politicians Eating Ice Cream, and Hungry Presidents, just to name a few.

While on the campaign trail, it’s not uncommon for candidates to make quick stops or eat on the go, and it’s long been a tradition for paparazzi to snap unflattering shots of would-be senators, governors, and presidents munching on their favorite snacks. For example, back in 2011, Jezebel pointed out the weirdly widespread Republican fad of publicly eating phallic corn dogs, hmm…

This obsession with seeing our politicians eating is unlikely to subside anytime soon, and that’s totally fine with us.

Click through the gallery above to see pictures of your favorite (or least favorite) politicians stuffing their faces with grub, pulled from the weird and wonderful world of politically inclined food Tumblrs.