The nation of India has this incredible knack for importing extremely successful chains, then forcing said chains to heavily adapt menus to incorporate local taste preferences. We’ve already covered some of the crazy eats offered by various fast food chains after they set up shop in India, but there’s now a new player in the game—Pinkberry.

The menu at Pinkberry is relatively straightforward and has mass appeal, regardless of where you are from, assuming you like yogurt and sugar. This was until they decided to open up shop in India, which means that small chocolate fro-yo topped with mochi, caramel sauce, and coconut shavings is child’s play compared to the flavor bombs that can now be purchased in the company’s Indian outpost. We’re talking green apple and mango yogurt topped with rose syrup and poppi chikki. Yeah, Pinkberry India isn’t f**king around.

Click through the gallery above for a breakdown of the unique menu items found at Pinkberry India.

[Photos via Pinkberry India]