Pizza is great. So great, in fact, that one doesn’t actually need to consume it or be around it to reap its benefits. According to a recent study by St. Bonaventure researchers summarized by the Wall Street Journal, drawing fatty or sugary foods helps people of all shapes and sizes generally feel better. The most effective fatty food? Pizza. Everyone likes pizza!

According to a “research tool that measures mood changes,” doodling pizza slices improved subjects’ moods by 28%. Other happy-making foodstuffs included cupcakes (27%) and strawberries (22%), with the one dud being peppers (1%), because bell peppers are kind of lame and unexciting outside the context of fajitas. Mood benefits remained the same regardless of the color of pencils subjects used, so feel free to get literal with the blue cheese on your dream slice.

The WSJ also provides a caveat that the “long-term effects on mood of drawing food aren’t known,” although we can’t imagine sketching out one’s fantasy Sprinkles cupcake could do anything negative besides torpedo productivity.

[via WSJ]