Leftover Swap dreams of a bright future: a time when no cold pizza will go to waste and everyone will be free to hawk their General Tso’s to the masses with just a swipe of their iPhone. The big question, of course, is whether an app-based, pay-what-you-want leftover marketplace has a snowball’s chance in hell of working in the real world.

Dan Newman and Bryan Summersett thought up the app in 2010 as an “outrageous joke,” but claim that the idea is “very plausible” in 2013. Just how the zeitgeist, or human nature, has changed in the last three years isn’t clear, but Newman and Summersett are confident that the world is ready to photograph their leftovers, post it online, and let strangers in the area offer to buy or just take other strangers’ quickly expiring food.

The app launches this August, at which point America’s major cities will descend into a nightmarish hellscape of food poisoning and botched home-cooking experiments pawned off on unsuspecting early adopters. Or it’ll save the planet and end world hunger (at least for smartphone-wielding yuppies).

Either way, this is huge.

[via NPR]