2013 has been a banner year for fast food chain PR. There’s the guy who licked a dozen Taco Bell shells (and was subsequently fired.) There’s the guy who mainlined a Frosty (and was probably subsequently fired.) And now there are two subway “sandwich artists” with questionable judgement when it comes to social media (and will almost definitely be fired.)

Meet Instagram user @weedpriest, better known as Cameron Boggs, and his bro/coworker Ian Jett. They’ll go down in history as The Guy Who Put His Dick on a Loaf of Subway Bread and The Guy Who Froze His Pee at Subway, respectively. They hail from Dublin, Ohio, and Jett describes the penis bread incident as “totally a joke.” We’ve got nothing more to add, except that we’ve never been less in the mood for some fresh baked bread filled with significantly less fresh meat and veggies.

[via Gawker]