Audrey Shulman has taken charge of her own destiny. Finding herself single for the 26th year running, Shulman decided to create the ultimate conversation starter by baking cakes, bringing them to bars, handing them out to strangers, and—crucially—blogging about it. Although she hasn’t landed herself a long-term partner just yet, we’re guessing the sheer exposure that comes with a Huffington Post article explaining herself won’t hurt Shulman’s chances with the menfolk.

Shulman’s “cakebarring” experiment is a yearlong project that’s taken her to eighteen Los Angeles-area watering holes in six months. The baker-turned-blogger stumbled on cake’s semi-aphrodisiac properties after bringing birthday leftovers to a night out with “rom-com magical results,” although so far said magical results have amounted to a total of three phone numbers and a business card. Still, Shulman’s listicle of what she’s learned so far (because if we’ve learned anything from the Internet, it’s that every experience can be summarized in listicle form) is pretty endearing. Here’s a few of her straightforward strategy tips:

  • Be Inclusive. Anyone eating the cake is good publicity. Offer a piece to anyone who looks friendly–girls included or guys who are clearly taken — because their best pal Jake could be in the bathroom and you could totally end up with a husband phone number.
  • Don’t Make Assumptions. That bubbly girl standing with that cute guy in glasses could very well be his sister. Offer them both cake and see what happens.
  • Bring Forks And Napkins. Bars will fail you in the utensil department, and you don’t want to have whipped cream on your chin while talking to a pair of young filmmakers. Don’t worry about coming across as too well-orchestrated.

God knows baked goods are a better strategy than whatever BS people like Ken Hoinsky are selling, but showing up to a bar armed with a freshly baked cake and utensils strikes us as a little…transparent. But Shulman is pretty fearlessly Doing Her for millions of people to see, and that level of chutzpah’s gotta be commended.

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