Buried under all those photographs of cute kids and even cuter old couples, Brandon Stanton’s popular¬†Humans of New York¬†blog posted a normal-enough photo of a jaded teenager manning the counter at a Del’s Frozen Lemonade truck. The only problem? In Stanton’s standard-issue interview posted alongside the portrait, the worker accused Del’s of underpaying its workers under the table. Displaying an impressively DGAF attitude, the worker flatly declared that working at Del’s “fucking sucks.”

Though Del’s Twitter profile is currently scrubbed squeaky clean, Stanton let Facebook fans know in the photo’s comments that the owners were “claiming workers ‘help out’ because ‘they enjoy it'” on the social media platform. Another Facebook fan posted a series of screen shots (included in the gallery above) showing some seriously bad PR instincts on Del’s part. The Rhode Island-based chain called HONY “some random Twitter handle” and urged customers to “disregard the slanderous comments.”

Over on Facebook, Del’s posted (and quickly removed) this gem: “Running a business on the streets of NYC is pretty difficult, and extremely competitive. Beware of people doing anything they can to get an edge on the competition! This includes lying, cheating, stealing, and anything else they can think of!” Del’s fans, to their credit, pointed out that HONY isn’t a “random Twitter handle” and that workers have zero incentive to slander their bosses provided they’re actually being paid. Too bad Del’s has clearly decided the high road isn’t for them.

[via Humans of New York]