The international symbol of dorm room desperation and microwave-inflicted self-loathing has had enough of its bad rep. Hot Pockets (and more importantly, its corporate owner Nestle) is determined to rebrand, changing its recipe, launching a collaboration with Funny Or Die, and billing its “real cheese” filling—the cheese has always been real, customers were simply under the impression that it wasn’t. Pro tip: if your target demo has such a low opinion of your product it doesn’t even believe you use actual dairy, gunning for a highbrow image may be a tad overambitious.

Why change the Hot Pockets brand now, after over twenty years of #crushingit with twenty-something bros? Apparently, millennials aren’t satisfied with pure convenience anymore; we’re “foodies,” our bodies are temples, etc. (Side note: for the love of God, STOP SAYING NEW FAST FOOD PRODUCTS ARE “FOR MILLENNIALS.” WE ARE NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE ON PLANET EARTH WHO LIKE FOOD THAT TASTES GOOD.)

Sixty percent of taste testers prefer the new and improved Hot Pocket, which seems like an iffy percentage to rely on for a complete overhaul. But Hot Pockets could use a boost: it lost a whopping $30 million in sales from 2009 to 2010, forcing the company to lay off over 100 factory workers. Either way, all you millennials out there can head to your nearest grocery store this very minute to see if the new and improved Hot Pocket appeals to your foodie instincts. Try the Angus steak, or as it used to be known, beef.

[via Bloomberg Businessweek]