Late last night, Geraldo Rivera took a sideways photo of himself in the bathroom with a Blackberry and posted it on Twitter with the following message to his 41,000 followers:

Props to you and your Iggy Pop torso, Geraldo, but nobody needed to see that—not least when we we’re all waking up for a nice Sunday breakfast.

The responses to the tweet are worth a read if you enjoy shadenfreude, but no one has been more gleeful in the ethering of the shirtless old man this morning than Anthony Bourdain. This is why Tony always wins—just when you think he’s gone soft by joining the corporate overlords at CNN, he proves once again that when it comes to speaking his mind and clowning other celebrities, he still operates on a “zero fucks given” policy.

UPDATE: Now Bourdain has ignited a #GeraldoManscapePlaylist hashtag imagining what Rivera was listening to while shaving his chest.

Click through a gallery above to see Bourdain’s best wisecracks at Geraldo’s expense.