Working in the Complex offices means that we see a lot of interesting characters come through our halls—just this past week, Dikembe Mutombo randomly strolled by, and we’ve definitely seen Amanda Bynes lurking in the shadows around the building (though she would never admit it). Yesterday, rapper Freddie Gibbs (@FreddieGibbs) stopped by and we couldn’t resist the chance to say what’s up and ask him about his favorite hometown eats.

Hey, Freddie Gibbs. What are the three best places to eat in Gary?

We don’t have any big-name food chains. Harold’s is my number one pick—if I gotta eat in Gary, I’m going to get some Harold’s. Then Shark’s—that’s similar to Harold’s, that’s a little greasy chicken spot, but Harold’s is much better. Shark’s got, like, fish and all that shit…Harold’s got catfish too, but I go there for the chicken. So Harold’s, then Shark’s…but you can get killed at Shark’s. Harold’s is a little more safe—it’s on Grant Street, you know what I mean? Them niggas over there ain’t really talkin’ ’bout shit. But the eastside niggas in my hood? You come to Shark’s in my hood you might just die going over there on that East Fifth Avenue. Them Vice Lords over there ain’t playing with you.

What you do in your neighborhood? I feed my whole hood Little Caesars, bitch!

Another restaurant that I might go to if I’m in Gary: Little Caesars. Shout out to Little Caesars on motherfucking 13th and Broadway. That’s my spot, I go in that motherfucker, my nigga be hooking me up. My Arab homeboy, the Muslims, shout out—assalamualaikum! They hook me up with the beef—it’s slamming, it’s going down. I don’t fuck with the deep dish [pizza], I get the Hot N Ready beef. Them niggas know when I come into town I shut the whole hood down and get 20 Hot N Ready beefs—100 bucks, I feed the whole hood, nigga. What you do in your neighborhood? I feed my whole hood Little Caesars, bitch!

Harold’s Chicken Shack, 1994 Grant St (219-949-7599)

Shark’s, 4929 East Dunes Highway (219-939-8700)

Little Caesars, 1316 Broadway (219-885-5558)