What’s cloyingly sweet, melt-in-your-mouth pillowy, nutritionally empty but simply wonderful with hot-chocolate? We would have answered marshmallows, but according to Lithuania-based visual communication studio Prim Prim, it could also be the Comic Sans font.

In an attempt to personify fonts as food, Prim Prim created the Taste The Font series to explore what certain fonts might taste like if reimagined as food. They even included intricate paper sculpture replicas for visual cues, and recipes in case you feel inspired to cook.

And as absurd as it sounds, their logic is pretty solid. Times is interpreted as a traditional British breakfast of fried eggs with bacon because the font was created in 1931 specifically for The Times newspaper, and has been consumed every morning, for decades, with breakfast. Courier New is reinterpreted as a sandwich, because it became standard font thanks to the typewriter industry and Windows 3.1. And we must agree with Prim Prim that most “crazy writers and computerists” (present company included) eat sandwiches at their desks in a rush. Gothic 821 Condensed becomes a cup of coffee because it’s “soft, bold and smooth letters seem to smell like cappuccino with a rigid milk foam.” (Ok, that one’s a bit of a stretch, but points for imagination.)

Look through the gallery and see if you agree with what foods represent your favorite fonts.

[via Foodiggity.com]