Sometimes, life (or more accurately, Craigslist) is not kind and sticks us with a Shitty Roommate. You know the one: never does the dishes, contributes half the trash but never takes it out, smells kinda funky. But the anonymous hero behind Food That My Roommate Paul Didn’t Finish has opted to make lemons into lemonade and turn their crappy experience into a hilarious blog.

The idea is simple: Paul likes to eat a lot of food. He also likes to not finish said food and leave it out in the open to decompose at its leisure. Unidentified Roommate finds this habit both inexplicable and disgusting. So instead of—or possibly in addition to—confronting Paul, he or she just posts pictures of Paul’s food, along with expletive-ridden rants directed at Paul and his wasteful/unsanitary lifestyle. The result is glorious.

Click through the gallery for the full rundown of Paul’s unfinished meals. 

All photos and captions courtesy of Food That My Roommate Paul Didn’t Finish.