Of all the overhyped, overused buzz words that the food-world PR machine has beaten to within an inch of their lives, “artisanal” is perhaps the worst offender. Ill-defined and vaguely highbrow, it’s been slapped on anything from smoothies to sandwiches to give any generic food item some hand-crafted cachet. And the blogger behind Artisanshit has had enough.

The USA Today blurb the anonymous author provides in lieu of a blog description speaks for itself: “These days, the word — which used to mean hand-crafted — is showing up on just about anything edible. There’s Domino’s Artisan Pizza. And Tostitos Artisan Recipes chips. Starbucks has Artisan Breakfast Sandwiches. And just rolling out: Fannie May’s FM Artisan chocolates at $50 for a box of 25 pieces.” And this Tumblr aims to underscore the meaninglessness of “artisan”ship one menu sign at a time.

Mostly built with iPhone photos from Artisanshit’s everyday life, this Tumblr indiscriminately catalogs various food items that bill themselves as “artisanal.” Some make sense (Van Leeuwen ice cream) and some don’t (Starbucks sandwiches), but the message is clear: It’s time to let “artisan” go.

Click through the gallery above to see the highlights of Artisanshit’s findings. All photos courtesy of Artisanshit.