Colin Devlin, the restaurateur behind DuMont, DuMont Burger, and the recently shuttered Dressler, was found dead of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound today, the WSJ reports. Devlin had driven to Pennsylvania, where he and his wife have a second home. The Devlins keep a .38 caliber revolver in a safe in the house, Devlin’s wife told police.

Devlin went missing after leaving a business meeting where he learned that his businesses were suffering and he had been declined for a business loan. Devlin’s wife later received a text message from her husband telling her to take care of their children.

Before it closed earlier this year, Dressler, Devlin’s flagship restaurant, was instrumental in bringing Manhattan diners to Brooklyn. It received widespread critical acclaim, including two stars in the Times from reviewer Frank Bruni and a Michelin star. DuMont and DuMont Burger remain standbys in the Williamsburg dining scene.

[via WSJ]