Culinary wiz Dave Arnold of cocktail bar Booker & Dax and Patrick Martins of Heritage Foods USA are aiming to raise money to found The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) in NYC. They’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to drum up $80,000 to fund the to-be museum’s first pop-up project: a whirling 3,200-pound machine that explosively puffs food.

The mobile exhibit, called “BOOM! The Puffing Gun and the Rise of Breakfast Cereal,” will feature the machine, which was used to make puffed cereals in the early 1900s. So far, Arnold and Martins have raised $62,578 of their $80,000 goal. Don’t fret, there are still five days left to donate to the campaign, so do your part and throw some bones at Arnold and Martins so they can realize their fantastic vision.

Need incentive? If you donate $400 to the Kickstarter, you will get an invitation to Dave Arnold’s PUFF PARTY, to be held on August 13th. The party will feature demonstrations of the puffing gun by chefs including Cesare Casella (Salumeria Rosi), Wylie Dufresne (wd~50 and Alder), Brooks Headley (Del Posto), Anita Lo (Annisa), Nils Norén (French Culinary Institute), Andy Ricker (Pok Pok NY), Elizabeth Falkner (Corvo Bianco), and Pichet Ong (Spot Dessert Bar and Qi Thai Grill). The chefs will choose which ingredient they’d like to see puffed.

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