Just how hot is it in Death Valley, California? Real effing hot. Like, hot enough to literally fry an egg outside on a rock.

Last month, a Death Valley National Park staff member posted a Youtube video (see above) documenting the Cali desert’s insane heat by frying an egg out in the sun. Temperatures were upwards of 125 degrees Fahrenheit, some of the hottest to date, and the woman was simply trying to show how brutal the sun was. But her experiment quickly backfired when hordes of people took it upon themselves to take their shot at frying eggs in the heat, the majority of which failed, leaving a trail of raw egg all over the park for rangers and maintenance to clean up.

The park staffer explains in the video that the experiment didn’t work until she used a glass lid on the skillet to prevent evaporation. But Youtube commenter Spetnik has some other ideas about the science of cooking eggs on the ground: “It has nothing to do with evaporation. 120 degrees is not hot enough to cook an egg. When the glass lid is placed on the skillet, it traps the heat from the sun and gets much hotter than 120 degrees. You can do this in 90 degree weather in direct sunlight as well.”

Check the video above, and take note of that near perfect one-handed egg crack. 

[via Yahoo!]