Yesterday, the New York Post published a story titled “‘Mission’ Man Mex’s It Up,” claiming that Danny Bowien is launching Mission Cantina, “a Mexican food and tequila bar,” on the Lower East Side this fall. The piece fails to cite its sources, but as with all things Mission, any tidbit of info is Internet manna and word has quickly spread through Zagat, Eater NY, and Grubstreet.

But how much of it is true? Danny reacted quickly to the speculation, stating that he is confused about the mysterious “spokesperson” and “tequila bar” concept mentioned by the Post.


So that’s that. All we know is we’d really like to see thrice cooked bacon and kung pao pastrami tacos, griddled lamb albondiga soup, and chonqing chicken cemitas at this possibly made up, possibly totally real “Mission Cantina.” Thank god for news sources fabricating news; it really fuels our collective imagination.

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