If it’s too good to be true, it probably is, especially if “it” is a particularly epic social media screwup by a massive corporation. Chipotle’s brief devolution into @chipotle_ebooks last week was actually a publicity stunt, Mashable reports. The worst part? It kind of worked, if massive amounts of press coverage and 4,000 additional Twitter followers count as success.

The whole string of tweets was reposted a whopping 12,000 times.

A Chipotle rep explained the gambit to Mashable as part of a much less widely publicized “treasure hunt” promoting the chain’s 20th anniversary. Catchily called “Adventurito,” one of the challenges involved researching the ingredients Chipotle uses to make its guacamole. And that’s how “Hi sweetie, can you please pick up some lime, salt, and onions? twitter” ended up being a real sentence. It’s unclear where “Mittens13 password leave” came from.

It’s unclear whether the “clues” actually helped an Adventurito participant win his or her challenge, but the whole string of tweets was reposted a whopping 12,000 times. For those still struggling with Santa-isn’t-real-style crushing disappointment, don’t worry: Chipotle is considering making (and more importantly, selling) “Please Twitter end Twitter” T-shirts. Chipotle may be the teensiest bit manipulative, but at least it’s got a sense of humor.

[via Mashable]