“Your on-demand private driver” app, Uber, just got a whole lot cooler (no pun intended). The global car request service has linked up with Mister Softee and Van Leeuwen to bring you the first ever ice cream truck delivery app, available in 33 cities today between 11 AM and 5 PM. Smartphone users can download the app and request ice cream rather than just a driver. Then, if there is an available truck in your area, the jingle will sound and the truck will be on its way. Orders can be up to $30 dollars for six people.

And what’s more, you won’t have to futs with your bills while trying to handle your dripping ice cream cone, because Uber will just charge your account directly. Download Uber and click “ice cream” right away. After that, you’re personal ice cream truck will be awaiting your order.

For all you non-smartphone using hipsters out there, better listen close for the jingle, good luck running after that truck!

(Via Uber, Brokelyn)