Everyone’s favorite wild man author-chef Anthony Bourdain guest hosted last night’s “Piers Morgan Live” on CNN and brought the thunder by inviting Dominique Ansel, creator of the Cronut, to join him on the show. Bourdain asked Ansel the secrets behind the infamous pastry, and all was well and good. Only when he brought Wire and Treme creator David Simon and journalist David Carr onto the show—to discuss the legalization of drugs—and failed to give the two Davids a Cronut did shit seriously hit the fan.

Both of the Davids were in a serious uproar when they were told off-stage after the show that there were only enough Cronuts for the audience, and not for the two of them. “My agent negotiated a Cronut. I say this with all sincerity: I am here for the Cronut,” Carr demanded off-stage. They were appeased with a quarter of Cronut each—but no, that did not suffice. Once you try the Cronut, you simply turn into a Cronut-hungry zombie searching for your next Cronut fix. Simon penned a full account of what happened here on his website, proclaiming that Bourdain had betrayed him and Mr. Carr. Obviously, a Twitter/blogging battle between Bourdain, Simon, and Carr has ensued, and we are here to dutifully chronicle it.

Click through the gallery to see what has gone down thus far in the ongoing Bourdain vs. David Simon and David Carr feud. This shit is getting serious, and might turn into a legal battle. We’re kind of scared.

Watch Bourdain and Dominique Ansel on Piers Morgan Live here: