Do you still think iPad ordering systems are cutting-edge? It’s time to get with it. London’s Yo! Sushi has developed a “flying waiter” to deliver its newly launched Yo! Burger. What is this flying waiter that we speak of? It’s a mini drone that flies the customer’s food right up to the table, controlled by a waiter using an iPad.

The gadget, which has been named the iTray, “can travel at up to 25 miles an hour—or more than six times a waiter’s usual walking speed,” reports the Daily Mail. YO! Sushi CEO Robin Rowland says the chain is all about innovation: “It’s all about delivering a whole concept in a new and exciting way.” We can’t wait to see the inevitable video of one of these flying straight into an unsuspecting diner’s head, or getting highjacked out of mid-air by a hungry onlooker.

[via YouTube, The Daily Mail]