You may have had the opportunity to eat a live, wriggling fish or bug before—or maybe you’ve seen Andrew Zimmern do it on Bizarre Foods—but those don’t compare to the extraterrestrial weirdness of the dishes presented in the video above, created as part of a conceptual food project by Royal College of Art graduate Minsu Kim. As Dezeen explains, “Kim’s Living Food project builds on developments in synthetic biology to propose meals that behave like living creatures.” That means wriggling tentacles waving at you off the plate, or edible orbs that pulsate before you pop them in your mouth. Of course, these dishes don’t actually exist yet, but the designer says, “This project explores new culinary experiences through developments in synthetic biology, and finds its lineage in haute cuisine and molecular gastronomy.” It may just be a glimpse of what’ll be on your plate in 2025.

[via Dezeen]