Watch Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old woman living in Broward County, FL whip out her iPhone and threaten a Dunkin’ Donuts employee into giving her a Strawberry Coolatta and a bacon cheese croissant, among other items. The abusive Chapman was apparently outraged at a Dunkin’ Donuts employee named Nidhi for not comping her meal after she forgot to give Chapman a receipt. When Nidhi told her she could have her next meal for free, not the one she was given, Chapman flipped out, “You know what I told her? I said I want the whole fucking menu, bitch. Twice.”

The Dunkin Donuts employee who dealt with her while she was filming on her iPhone (with intentions to post the video on Facebook) stays cool, calm, and collected throughout the whole ordeal, even when Chapman starts using racist slurs and threatens to go to Mars and “nuke the place up.” Eventually, Chapman admits she isn’t even going to eat any of the food she is comped, she’s going to give it all to her boyfriend, because she thinks Dunkin’ Donuts employees piss in her food.

According to The Smoking Gun, Chapan is a former low-budget commercial spokeswoman who did online commercials for such Florida establishments as Happy Wok. You can watch her horrible commercials here, including a weird interview with Ludacris on his Congac line. We have a feeling the completely insane Chapman won’t be getting any more commercial gigs anytime soon.