Mayor Bloomberg’s latest public health crusade to impact New York’s restaurant industry was introduced to the New York City Council this week: This time around, the target is polystyrene foam food service products, including the beloved square takeout container. The latest regulation to hit the city’s restaurateurs is actually a pretty reasonable one—polystyrene is terrible for the environment, expensive to recycle, and has been banned elsewhere—but coming at the tail end of over a decade of intense regulation culminating in the (attempted) ban of oversized sodas, it’s understandable why business owners are getting worked up.

Still, Bloomberg only has a few months left to be a consumer advocate/food nanny/general pain in the ass for the restaurant industry (although we’re sure someone will pick up the slack after he’s gone, whether it’s Christine Quinn or the Department of Health). After tackling smoking in bars, trans fats, and calorie counts, what’s next? Here’s a few of our ideas of how Mike might go out with a bang:

  • Mandatory CSA memberships for all New Yorkers: If you don’t have more zucchini than you know what to do with dumped on your doorstep every time March rolls around, you’re not doing your part for sustainability.
  • Vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/paleo/[insert diet fad here] alternatives at every restaurant: Even non-meat eaters should be able to get the full steakhouse experience. Inclusivity!
  • Starbucks locations limited to one per block: Which strikes everyone involved as reasonable, until Starbucks claims it interferes with their Brooklyn expansion plans.
  • All restaurants claiming to have local and/or ethical meat have to name the farm they got it from on the menu: In which Bloomberg watches the “Portlandia” pilot and doesn’t realize it’s satire.
  • Dollar slice joints forced to close: Bloomberg claims they’re giving the city a bad name by ruining its most precious culinary export. Also, it tastes terrible. Also, at this point, Mike’s just decided to do whatever he wants.

[via The Awl]