Due to his very public life as a man who unabashedly rocks orange Crocs, whips around town on a scooter, and takes Guy Fieri to Bushwick, Mario Batali is powerful magnet for Internet gangsters who feel the need to troll the living s**t out of him. In the past, we’ve celebrate his propensity to reply to haters, which for a celebrity with nearly half a million followers is highly entertaining.

But let’s be honest: Sometimes that unflappable wit turns out to be pretty damn flappable. See above: When a random troll hurled random homophobiac hate at Batali and The Chew cohost Michael Symon today, Molto hit back with a textbook third-grade response amounting to, “I know you are but what am I?!”

Today you take an L, Mario, not least because you fought homophobia with homophobia, which is never, ever a good look. But tomorrow is a new day, and we’ll be watching for a return to form, like when you said “bye bye racist moron scum!!!” to a dude who called you a “silly fat white man.” Step your game up, dog—remember the Lil’ Bros. Batali are watching your lead.