About a month ago, a Taco Bell diehard named Justin vowed to get Taco Bell’s Beefy Crunch Burrito tattooed on his body, so long as Taco Bell agreed to release the menu item early. After a brief Twitter exchange, the fast-food giant agreed to take the Beefy Crunch Burrito addict up on his offer. And in an introspective, artfully done video of the tattoo process, we see Justin painted as the most badass, loyal Taco Bell customer ever. Although the stunt may have been a bit ridiculous, Justin just kept smiling throughout the whole ordeal. #NoRegrets

Justin’s tattoo got us thinking: What other awful fast food-inspired tattoos are out there? And why would you willingly turn your body into an advertisement for companies that already advertise too much? We’ve compiled a list of the 25 biggest fast-food tattoo fails, which encompasses pelvic bone In-N-Out burger tats, McDonald’s tramp stamps, and a really big tattoo of a hamburger that says “Welcome to Assburger, Home of the Assburger” on someone’s ass. The great lengths people will go to in an attempt to pay homage to their favorite fast-food joints are equal parts fascinating and disturbing.

Click through the gallery above to see the most unruly examples of how fast-food superfans express their love with indelible ink.