Here at First We Feast we’re not just food lovers, but also food-style aficionados—or perhaps more accurately, food-style haters. So much of today’s overlaps between fashion and food is misguided, and all too often concerned more with style than substance. The best food-themed fashion is not stylish at all, but rather extremely gauche: sweatshirts that with all-over-print French fry designs, shorts inspired by Baskin Robbins shorts, and the like.

Inspired by these triumphs and the recent unveiling of an in-development baguette bag, we’ve rounded up the ten best accessories that resemble your favorite snacks, from bacon neck ties to lettuce umbrellas, and everything in between. There is a truly fascinating world of kitschy food design and apparel products out there—click through the gallery to view the crème de la crème of food accessories, apparel, and furniture available online now.