After essentially marketing themselves as a cheaper Chipotle with their Lorena Garcia-endorsed Cantina Bell line, Taco Bell’s latest ploy to appeal to kids is a health-focused “Power Protein” line, which manages to combine double portions of steak or chicken with impressively low calorie counts (450 or less!) The fate of the chain’s national menu lies in the hands of a few test locations in Dayton, Ohio, which will roll out the new burritos and burrito bowls in late July.

Taco Bell’s CEO Greg Creed claims the Power Protein menu is specially designed to appeal to Millennials, collectively known as “teenagers and twenty-somethings” (at least they were until Joel Stein wrote a terrible article calling them delusional narcissists). Apparently, Millennials “are seeking items that have more protein and less fat,” and Taco Bell would like to cater to┬áthose Millennials who follow the Atkins diet, are into bodybuilding, and are generally aware of their health.

We wonder if the menu will actually appeal to its target market. A few potential problems: it’s possible that the subset of the Millennial demographic that actually goes to Taco Bell is mostly teenagers on a 4AM taco run, and even stocking SoBe Lifewater (another part of the chain’s health push) won’t convince health nuts to put down the Jamba Juice. Only time will tell if Millennials are actually game for burritos packed with steak and reduced fat sour cream.

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